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1. Pick a location

2. Choose your photographer

3. Set a date and time


What do you want your Engagement session to look like? There are so many different Las Vegas locations that help us capture the essence of Sin City or the surrounding nature.

Do you want to capture iconic Las Vegas architectural landmarks and neon signs on the Strip in the background?

Looking for a quiet place in the desert, a previous gold mine town, or ghost town?

Red rocks at Valley of Fire?


We can even get snow sometimes nearby at Mt. Charleston in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Or would you rather choose a location that's meaningful to you? A restaurant where your first date was, your favorite bar, or a park you often visit together?

If you need a suggestion, I have a list of Engagement location suggestions. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas and help you plan.

My Favorite Las Vegas Engagement/Elopement Locations:

• Las Vegas Boulevard/The Strip

• Lake Las Vegas/MonteLago Village

• Nelson Ghost Town

• Dry Lake Bed

• Spring Mountain Ranch

• Floyd Lamb Park

• The Neon Boneyard

• Springs Preserve

• Mt. Charleston

• Valley of Fire

We can't wait to tell your story. It's always nice to visit a location that has some sort of importance to you. There's nothing quite like doing a personalized, themed Engagement Session that celebrates your unique love and personalities! Think outside the box! Be creative and original! Of course, it's always romantic to visit a place that has a special personal meaning. For example: where you first met, the site of your first date, where he proposed, your favorite trail, or a location where the colors and textures are amazing for photography…

Besides location, you should also consider specific activities you like to do as a couple. It makes the experience really personal when you can add that little extra. You can bring your iPad to play your favorite music to create a fun-filled energy. Perhaps a romantic picnic on a blanket with flowers and a food basket would be more your style. If you have dogs and cats, a photo session with pets is always fun. You could also consider the following: posing with a classic car, images with an old suitcase in the train station, having a drink in your favorite bar, salsa dancing, a session on the basketball court, a Mad Men-styled Engagement Session… Maybe you have exclusive access to some special, unique location? Photographing a flash mob surprise Engagement Session is on my bucket list!

As you can see, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to Las Vegas Engagement Photography. Whichever location you pick, it should be an environment that works for your style and personality.

Once the location is chosen, I can suggest the best time for the session based on the season, weather, and the location itself.

Timing: The Best Time to Shoot & Weather Challenges

• Unlike weddings, we have much more flexibility choosing the timing for Engagement sessions. This means we can work within the best light, which is about an hour before sunset. Las Vegas wedding photographers refer to this time of day as the "golden hour." It provides a beautiful soft glow on your face, resulting in flattering portraits. Early morning hours, around sunrise, also produce an amazing lighting effect.

• Weekdays are always preferred. This is because weekends are usually booked for weddings, especially during the peak season.

• Also, many of the great locations are crowded with people on weekends. Weekdays allow for more privacy and freedom.

• If you're having a destination wedding, you can schedule your Engagement session when you visit Las Vegas to plan your wedding.

• The exact date of your session will depend on the location and time of the year. At Nelson ghost town, the sun goes behind the mountains before it goes behind the horizon. This means you lose light before the sun actually sets. Therefore, it's good to start the session a little bit earlier in that location.

• If you haven't been in Las Vegas during the summer, it can be difficult to imagine the weather. The temperature can rise up to 120ºF during the hottest months. Since it's so hot, we do not do any sessions during the day in summer.