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How do I prepare for my Mini Pet Photography Session?

How many pets can I bring to the Mini Session?

The Mini Session includes 2 pets or 1 pet and you.

How long will my session last?

Mini sessions are limited in time (unlike private sessions) so we will attempt to get as much variety as possible in the time allotted. They are scheduled for 25 minutes.

Grooming/ Bath

We encourage you to have your dog groomed a couple of days or so before your session, even just a good bath and brush out will work!


Consider the personality and needs of your dog. If you have a young, super energetic dog or high energy breed, taking them for a walk or run prior to the photography session can be helpful! However, you don’t want to exhaust them completely, as we want their personality to shine during our session.


  • What gets your pup excited? When we're shooting I'll be using squeaky toys, sounds and phrases to get them to perk up and look directly at the camera. Give some thought to what gets your pup's ears up. Where's the BALL? Wanna go for a walk? Where's (name of familiar buddy or family member)?
  • I'll have some squeaky toys and treats on hand but you are welcome to bring any favorites. We may not use them but it can be good to have them on hand.
  • Food motivated pets will alert to the sound of a crinkly treat bag. Please bring small treats with you what your puppy loves! If your dog has any food allergies be sure to bring high value small treats that they can have.
  • It's teamwork! Expect to help with a bit of wrangling and know that I will direct you as to what is most helpful as we go through the session.
  • For posed shots we will ask your pet to sit, lay down and (the hardest one) stand and stay. However, it's more important to me that we get personality in the photos than a perfect sit or pose. Usually, throughout the course of a session even an active dog will calm and find natural positions.

Can I be in the photos?

Yes! I specialize in photographing both pets and people so you are completely welcome to be in as much of the photo session as you would like. Nothing makes me happier than when I get to capture the unique bond that you have with your furry companion. Most clients want a combination of images with just their dog and the with their dog.

Some of my clients aren’t really a fan of being in front of the camera and choose to be present in the photos through creative photographic angles I use, such as from the waist down, hands, feet, from behind and other views that don’t focus on you.

What if my dog needs to stay on a leash?

If you've looked at my portfolio it may come as a surprise that most of the pets that I photograph are on leash throughout their session. Leash removal is a complimentary service that I provide to my clients on ordered photos as safety is always priority number one. To make retouching easier, choose a thin or natural colored leash.

What to wear if you would like to be in some of the pictures?

If you would like to be in a couple of photos with your puppy, please make sure that you are

* wearing a solid color tops, instead of busy patterns

* wear a color which contrast the coloring from your pets’, so they don’t blend into your clothing

* avoid white sneakers and white socks

What if I have to cancel?

I understand that things come up unexpectedly. While the session fee is non-refundable, if you contact me 24 hours before your scheduled session I am happy to apply it towards a future session.

Can I post the pictures on Facebook?

Yes. You will receive watermarked files sized for Facebook with the prints or products purchased. I only request that you do not crop out the watermark when shared online.

How long does it take to receive products?

Allow 2 - 4 weeks for prints and personalized products after ordering