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Here are some, hopefully helpful tips in no particular order: 

• Please keep in mind that many Las Vegas locations have strict guidelines regarding professional photography and require a permit or special property permission. Be aware of the rules and regulations at the state and national parks. Clients are responsible for all entrance and permit fees and getting the permits required for the location. You have to secure a permit before we take pictures there. I am happy to send you the contact information for the location you choose if it requires a permit. Without a permit, the fine starts from $375 and the park ranger can kick you out in the middle of your photo session!

• Bring a pair of walking shoes. If you are planning to wear heels, plan to bring a pair of comfortable shoes/sandals so that you can wear those when walking from one location to another.

• Remember to also plan for any children and pets who might come along. Children and pets can be great for photographs. However, please bring someone who can look after them or provide some assistance during the session. When we're done taking pictures with them, the friend can look after the kids/pets and we can then just focus on the two of you.

• Props are always helpful for photos. You're welcome to bring "thank you" or "save the date" signs, balloons, or anything else you can think of.

• For hair and makeup, I would recommend hiring a professional. Pro hair and makeup will help to boost your confidence. If necessary, we can do your session the same day when you do your makeup trial. Please visit our vendor page for recommendations on talented hair and makeup artists. Do not do anything drastic with your hair or makeup unless you're doing a THEMED Engagement session. Highly recommended to hire a professional!

• Bring lots of water with you, especially in the summer. It's important to stay hydrated as we walk around.

• Usually within two weeks after your photo session, we'll send you digital files of edited images with a print release. You can then use the images as you like.