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Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas wedding Photos
Revere Golf Course Wedding Photographer
Wedding couple exiting from their ceremony at Springs Preserve
Indian wedding party at Springs Preserve Las Vegas
Reflection Bay Las Vegas Wedding Photography
Wedgewood Las Vegas at Stallion Mountain Wedding fun garter toss
Anthem Country Club Bridal Portrait
JW Marriott Las Vegas Wedding photographer, Bride with beautiful eyes
JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa Wedding Couple
Bride and groom's shoes together at Reflection Bay Golf Course
Westin Lake Las Vegas Indian Multicultural Wedding Photographer
Groom and groomsmen with superhero T-shirts under shirts at The Grove Las Vegas wedding
Hard Rock Cafe Wedding ceremony Photographer
Fun wedding socks with matching colorful high heels
Westin Lake Las Vegas Wedding Photography at second sunset
Hilton Lake Las Vegas Wedding Photography on the Pontevecchio bridge

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

I'm a Las Vegas wedding photographer who specializes in weddings, elopements, and engagements.

Love at First Sight

Whether your relationship started with an awkward first date or if you experienced love at first sight, you're now probably planning your Las Vegas wedding. 

Part of your planning might be picking a local photographer. I hope that you'll consider me.

Day to Remember

Great photos capture your special day forever. These images allow you to experience all the happy memories as a couple even decades down the line.

Imagine that you're sitting at your dining room table ten years from now and you're both enjoying a frosty beverage before you go out to your anniversary. You'll pull the photographs that I've created, take a sip to quench that thirst, relive your day through my photography. 

This is where the need for the best    Las Vegas wedding photographers comes in. Not only do great photos capture your special day forever with images you and your family    can cherish for a lifetime, but they also allow you    to experience all the happy memories as a couple even decades down the line. But with literally hundreds of wedding photographers popping up when you are searching for Las Vegas wedding    photographer on the Internet, how do you know who will add a    pinch of magic to your wedding photography?


I’m a hopeless romantic with keen eye for detail and a seventh sense behind the lens. Originally from Europe, I grew up with a passion for photography and spent most of my time touring different locations and capturing all the classic beauty that this amazing world of ours has to offer. And as fate would have it, I met a special someone along the way who turned me into a hopeless, wedding loving, romantic who now specializes in wedding photography. 

As a multiple award-winning photographer, my experience, skill, and creativity have been trusted to capture hundreds of  Las Vegas weddings since 2004. I just love the flurry of activity and wonderment that stirs in the air every single time I capture the perfect scene of harmony and emotion through my lens. I have to admit; there is no better feeling of knowing that you’re holding something truly magical and special in your hands.


When it comes to wedding photography, I’m proud of my uniquely timeless and elegant style that sets me head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to creative fun images that show both your personalities and love connection as a couple, I also make sure that there are some strictly professional photos of the new couple for framing. But that’s just the half of it! 

My style of photography is a combination of directed, posed images mixed with documentary, photojournalistic style to capture the moments as they unfold and tell the full story of your wedding. I quietly observe and document the entire day (or night) keeping an eye out for those spontaneous moments while also paying extra attention to those details that could evoke a feeling of family, romance, fun-times.

Being the romantic enthusiast and perfectionist that I am, you can expect stunning, creative, unique and high-quality images captured in a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. I pour my heart and soul into each and every one of these images and take all the steps necessary to make you look your best and most natural; and so far, it's worked wonders.


Now for the best part! One of the greatest benefits of being a Las Vegas wedding photographer is getting to sample all the variety and diversity that comes with each event. Whether it’s the venue, culture, family traditions or customs, each wedding always has something new. As a well-travelled individual, I’ve always been fascinated by new cultures, traditions, customs and practices. 

That’s why I’m always overjoyed when a couple contacts me to photograph their multicultural, traditional, customary or themed wedding. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Cambodian, Pakistani, Indian, gay or lesbian. I have photographed hundreds of weddings for different cultures, religions, backgrounds and orientations.

Everyone deserves to fall in love with and marry whomever they want. So no matter what you and your partner is planning, please contact Images by EDI to capture and craft your fairytale story of LOVE through the best wedding photos, what you will cherish for years to come!